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Opportunity. Connection. Honesty.

We are on a mission to modernize technology solutions and transform government services through the speed, agility and expertise that only a small business can deliver. We don’t believe in corporate bureaucracy, just solutions inspired by a dedication to innovation, trust, and excellence.

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Our core values represent who we are – in business and in life – and inspire how we work with clients and our teammates.


Always push yourself to grow and expand. Don't limit yourself to traditional solutions. Explore innovative approaches to ensure your success, navigate changes, and prepare for the future.


Commit to unwavering honesty and ethical conduct. Cultivate a workplace culture where trust and accountability drive professional development, paving the way for success.


Strive for excellence in everything you undertake. Develop a clear vision and plan, then diligently follow through. Despite numerous distractions that may arise, maintain your focus on the ultimate goal. Stay focused, stay concentrated, and always do your best.

Determination and Perseverance

Persist in your pursuits with courage, even when faced with the most challenging obstacles.


Life and work flourish when done collaboratively. Each individual contributes something unique and valuable, emphasizing the significance of recognizing that together, we can create distinctive and substantial value collectively.


We take work life balance seriously.

  • Accrued Time off
  • Federal Holidays
  • Flex Days
  • Health Benefits
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Join our team and grow in blue! Browse our open positions.

We are always looking for new teammates. Please share your resume even if you don’t see an opportunity listed.


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