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Rebecca Lodge


Originally from Bossier City, LA, Rebecca has lived in the Dallas Fort Worth area for more than 20 years. When she is not busy with customers, Rebecca is passionate about dogs and is actively involved with local animal rescues and fostering. She founded a small pet transport company which helps deliver pets across the country. She also enjoys performing with the community theatre and is a football and baseball enthusiast. Her other favorite pastimes include traveling, camping, and hiking with her rescue pups Sydney & Brooke. In fact, they have visited more than 20 National Parks!

Ray Reneau


– [ ] Ray, a sergeant first class (SFC) retiring from the Army, isn’t just about his military skills. Surprisingly, he’s a real jack of all trades. Whether he’s building garage barn doors, turning an ordinary trailer into a scuba diving paradise with all the essentials, including waterproofing, or showcasing his culinary skills (as vouched for by his wife, family, and friends!), Ray is a versatile and talented guy!